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accent Prime
lta painfree


RF Energy for thermal tightning of the skin while stimulating new collagen for a long lasting effect.

lta nodowntime


The Accent Prime Lift & Tight treatment is non-invasive, there is no downtime, return to work immediately.

lpr clearer complexion


Ultrasound waves to selectively target subcutaneous fat calls, gradually breaking them down treating submental fat!

Over time the skin on the face starts to lose elasticity and firmness which leads to an ageing and a saggy appearance. Our Accent Prime treatment can significantly fight the signs of ageing as a whole. It triggers the production of collagen, providing the skin with elasticity and form. It can also reduce stubborn fat pockets to contour and define your face.

Fight the signs of ageing with state-of the-art technology 

Lift Tight


How does the Lift & Tight work?

What should I expect to feel during the Lift & Tight?

How long does the Lift & Tight take?

How many treatments do I need?

How often can I do the Lift & Tight?

What is the recovery/downtime after the Lift & Tight?

Who can get the Lift & Tight?

Aftercare Recommendations

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