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About Maxine

Maxine's extensive knowledge of the beauty industry and her nurturing manner make her the perfect person to help you achieve your skin goals. Maxine is always looking at constantly expanding her knowledge to keep updated with the latest technologies to deliver state of the art treatment. Maxine extended her passion for skin health by undergoing multiple courses, in-person hands on training and online learning over the last 18 years. Maxine's passion for both outer and inner beauty is what drives her to continue learning about the latest treatments and technologies to benefit her clients.

Maxine has also been invited as a guest speaker at industry events including the Beauty Expo, and Alma Laser workshops highlighting her outstanding experiences and achievements. Maxine’s work has also been shared on different sites such as Alma, Synergie and Candela. One of Maxine’s interests is medical laser devices and the extensive knowledge on each device and the depths it penetrates the dermis layers of the skin.

Providing High Level Client Services including Tailored and Bespoke Skin Solutions and Packages whilst providing attention to detail. Confidently applying her knowledge and experience in order to alleviate, treat and resolve a broad range of skin concerns is what makes Maxine one of the best in the industry. Presenting conditions including Melasma, Pigmentation, Acne Scarring, Stretch Marks, Rosacea and Facial Veins are just some of the conditions Maxine is an expert in.

After working with many cosmeceutical brands Maxine believes Synergie Skin is the perfect brand aligned to her beliefs as it based on Clean Science, combining active ingredients and plant extracts that repair and restore the skin Barrier.

Maxine is a firm believer when it comes to her clients understanding their concerns. Maxine prides herself on thorough and detailed assessments and treatments plans explaining in detail to her clients and going on the skin journey with each client.

It is very important to have proper at home skin care whilst protecting your skin using Zinc or 30+. Maxine is a big believer in Probiotics and Zinc, treating concerns with strengthen Gut Health.

“ Your best investment is yourself”

Maxine's go to skin products are ABC & Zinc

Maxine's go-to Products and Treatments:

About Jocelyn

Jocelyn is a highly experienced registered nurse and cosmetic injector with an eye for beauty. With over 15 years of clinical experience as Jocelyn has worked in different specialty areas and hospitals across the world.  Jocelyn discovered that self-confidence starts with being comfortable and happy in your own skin and has been passionate about cosmetic nursing, beauty and aesthetics ever since. 


Her specialty is in facial contouring and facial rejuvenation with a holistic style ensuring that you will always look natural and rejuvenated. This approach allows her to deliver beautiful natural
results that her clients appreciate and love. Her beauty philosophy is; commitment to producing personalised precision results. 

Her passion combined with Leading technology and extensive knowledge, she is committed to providing the best results for her clients. By using a combination of skin treatment and cosmetic injectables tailored to each of her customers needs.

Jocelyns go-to Treatments and Products


About Cassandra

Cassandra is a  fully certified cosmetic tattoo artist; and brow & lash technician. 

Cassandra is  absolutely obsessed with everything beauty, especially brows and lashes; however her main focus is always on the level of service provided to her clients. She thoroughly enjoys getting to know each and every one of you during hers  appointments and makes  you all feel incredible when you walk out the door.

Qualified in Ombre, Microblading and Lip Blushing services as well Eyelash extensions. Always Upskilling her knowledge by on going constant training to the latest trends.

Cassandras go-to Treatments and Products

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